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MTPS Parent Educational Technology Information Page

Our Vision: We believe instructional technology affords effective, personal learning opportunities for all students.

MTPS has developed vision and goal statements for the use of our most frequently used online programs that personalize learning for students.


We believe that all students should have access to varying text complexities tailored to their individual needs.

  • Challenge of complex, relevant, authentic, non-fiction text
  • Develop literacy and content skills simultaneously
  • Assess and differentiate to diagnose reading level gaps
  • Personalized Lexile Level

Study Island

We believe that all students deserve access to rigorous content through interactive features and games that engage and reward student learning and growth customized to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

  • Practice
  • Formative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment
  • Games - engagement & student-choice


We believe in building a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics for all students through rigorous puzzles and creative problem solving that, in the end, motivates and challenges students.

  • With visual learning, students are better equipped to tackle unfamiliar math problems, recognize patterns, and build conceptual understanding.
  • Personalized pathways of interconnected challenges to provide differentiated instruction for individuals


We believe in digital tools that assist us in diagnosing the needs of all students to drive targeted, small-group instruction that coaches students in setting goals that foster growth.

  • Diagnostic Strand Analysis - baseline data
  • Monitor students with the “Real-Time Center” that allows teachers to intervene in the moment, before misconceptions become too deeply rooted.
  • Target small-groups using “Trouble Spot Reporting” that addresses common areas of need according to the required level of scaffolding.
  • Foster a growth mindset

Smarty Ants

We believe in ensuring that our youngest learners’ foundational reading skills are on track for success in college and career literacy.

  • Personalize learning based on students’ exact skill level, learning temperament, and learning pace.
  • Adaptive content system that automatically delivers the right level of skill instruction and practice to keep learners in the zone of proximal development.
  • Teachers track and monitor student growth toward fluency and comprehension.