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Board of Education » MTPS 2021-2022 District Goals

MTPS 2021-2022 District Goals


These goals should address program, instruction, staff, professional development, facilities, and/or finance.  


Goal #1:  District Culture & Climate

MTPS will provide support, at all necessary levels, for addressing the mental health needs of our students and staff.  This will include continuing to develop and refine our systems process for mental health for both students and staff.

Goal #2:  Student Achievement

MTPS will continue to provide academic support and innovative tools for all levels of learners in the district.

Goal #3:  Infrastructure

MTPS will continue to address and budget efficiently and responsibly in order to address the current and future capital and maintenance needs of the district.  Specifically, the district will finish the current roofing plan and implement an air-conditioning plan.  

Goal #4:  Professional Development

MTPS will continue to develop and deliver professional development designed to increase the effectiveness of the staff.

Goal #5:  Technology

MTPS will continue to focus on the positive integration of technology in classrooms with the focus on developing knowledge of programs, equipment, effective usage, usage with purpose, and using data to address the instructional needs of students.

Goal #6:  MTPS Road Forward Plan for 2021-2022

MTPS will revise, as necessary, and execute the MTPS Road Forward Plan for the 2021-2022 school year.